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Common-Sense Tactics Of Blue Discus - Some Guidelines

Common-Sense Tactics Of Blue Discus - Some Guidelines

You're probably excited to set up your own Discus fish aquarium. Well I can't blame that you! This type of fish is distinct in unique ways in order to other tropical fish simply swim, eat and conceal themselves. Discus is very popular among hobbyists purely because carry a personable practice. They like to observe what's going on around them and what's nice about them is that they recognize their owners. If you want to own this type of fish, you should start that you have to prepare will be the aquarium needless to say. A fish bowl is not recommended because they need a higher room to make sure they can grow to their maximum body shape. The bigger your tank is the greatest especially if you happen to planning on buying 6 or more Discus pike. The minimum tank size is 55 gallons.

I like to use driftwood, floating plants and clay flowerpots filled with gravel as well suitable may be converted .. Remember that the temperature in discus aquariums is 80 degrees F or more, so certain to to choose compatible flora. A fluorescent strip light with one warm and one cool white bulb can provide enough light for in the.

Don't put any gravel or sand inside your tank, could create make it simpler for of which you clean your tank from leftover diet. Just place rrnside a vertical surface where your discus fish can spawn. Could possibly use an upside down pot prepared with ceramic, or perhaps a plant.

As far as bodily defects is concerned, factors to be on the outlook for is fish that usually be breathing heavily, fish with twisted mouths, poorly shaped finns and tails, odd or big eyes and short gill includes. These are all signs of poor breeding practices.

The golden rule for discus fish care stop any sudden change in temperature or pH balance or natural environment. Being sensitive, sudden changes could lead to them either to fall sick or even die.

A little background info on the native habitat my help you better understand the concern needed for these types of beautiful pet fish. Discus are originally from the Amazon, living in small lakes, creeks, and streams coming off the Amazon Sea. In the https://discusfishtypes.blogspot.tw/2016/01/discus-fish-types.html wild and still have blend easily amongst the tree roots close to shore, just because they have black markings built in which these blend with ease. The water is warm and mostly calm wherein the live with acidic PH ranges.

My recommendations: Start feeding them with live bbs (baby brine shrimp) on 3rd day of free-swimming. During 10th day, start giving some dry food grade by grade.